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     As a mixed media artist, my work asks questions about the subjectivity of reality. By using oil paint and ballpoint pen to render snapshots of space and time, I am able to show the juxtaposition between the pursuit of objectivity and the truth that there is none. This results in pieces that are figurative but not strictly realistic - creating elaborate dreamscapes that exist somewhere between actuality and daydreams. I draw on the collective unconscious that transcends the individual while allowing room for interpretation.

     Horses and dogs are often the subject matter in my paintings, due to their perennial joint history with humankind, acting as a sort of proxy for the human experience. Horses in particular are my favorite, due to their contradictory nature - strong but easily injured, huge but nimble, stubborn but emotive. Dogs are stand-ins for ideas of loyalty, utility, service, and companionship.

     I want my work to draw viewers in and invite them to interrogate and interpret by directing their gaze. I hope to engage them through their own lens of reality by using visual archetypes and recognizable, although sometimes unlikely, scenes. I draw on the theory of affordance- that appearances drive behavior and reaction; and synchronicity- that things sometimes happen that appear connected, and its up to us to decide what that means, if anything. Using reverent, careful detail and an eye for color inspired by my screenprinting background, my work asks the viewer to look, see, and stay a while. 


Solo Exhibitions

2022: Good Manners

     Tusk (Chicago IL)

Group Exhibitions

2021: Rising Star: Emerging Artists from Chicago

     Richard T. Wright Community Gallery (Grayslake, IL) 

2021: Drawn to Paper

     Fulton Art Collective (Chicago IL)

2019: 3rd Annual Juried Show

     Line Dot Editions (Chicago IL)

2019: Praxis: A Sketchbook Show

     C33 Gallery (Chicago, IL)

2018: 25th Annual Hokin Honors Show
     Hokin Gallery (Chicago IL)


2021: Spudnik Press Studio Fellowship (Chicago, IL)

2020: Cow House Studios Open Residency (Rathnure, Co. Wexford, IE)

2021: South Side Weekly

2019: FORGE art magazine

     Piece + interview published in Intimacy issue

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